Our story
Asian Herbal and Traditional medicine has a long history in the globe which has been thought man to man for thousands of years. Biological diversity and four season nature of this untouched piece of land got a verity of crops including tasty fruits, vegetables and wild plants that are sold in domestic and international thriving market.
As a century-old family business we have a valuable experience in collecting and trading most sources of Organic Herbs especially kind of Truffles. With our glorious heritage in utilization of past experience with new technology innovations, we are committed to International standards and best quality for our products and services like FDA, HACCP, HALAL, ISO2200, ISO 9000,….
Our customers are mainly from the Middle East and the Persian Gulf states, Central Asia, Eastern and Western Europe and in most recent years Northern American countries. We are one of the best in delivering quality to our customers at affordable prices in the world market. We also welcome any recommendations and opinions regarding our service.

Our Abilities and the Benefits of Working with Us:
– Employing the trained team to collect truffles from different countries and regions;
– Manual search and hunt for truffles instead of dogs or pigs;
– Gaining experience more than a century in supplying and processing the Herbs & Truffles;
– Gaining experience over 36 years of experience in food process, produce and export to Europe, America, Asia, etc.;
– The possibility of supplying about tons of different types of Truffles& Tubers annually (harvest capacity depends on climate and weather conditions);
– Supplying, Using 100% organic and wild mushrooms;
– The high nutritional value of mushrooms and our byproducts according to the analysis and the comments of customers;
– The premium quality of mushrooms and products and compliances with the standards and certificates including FAD, HACCP, ISO, HALAL, etc.;
– The absolutely competitive price of our mushrooms and products,
– The possibility of customizing our products in such cases as taste, package, etc. according to the requirements, needs and demands of our customers.

Our Recommendations
Due to the seasonal harvest of truffles, supplying fresh truffles is possible from March to May. In other words, our truffles are mostly of summer species. Therefore, customer orders must be submitted and confirmed to the company before that time range (preferably before the season) so that the necessary plans can be made for on-time truffle supplying, processing, producing, packaging and delivery.
Our company is also ready to supply the customized products according to customer requirements, needs and demands.

Our Standards & Certifictions
FDA, Halal, HACCP, ISO22000,ISO9001,…