What Are Truffles?

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Truffles are one of the supreme luxuries in nature. Truffles are hypogenous (underground) types of mushrooms. They do not form a prominent stem and their surface is covered with spores. While they were originally confined to the wild, the past century has seen a considerable extent of research, into developing to cultivate them as the domestic crops. Although most truffles never break the surface of the soil, the ancient truffle hunters believed that the truffles grew when lightning hit the damp earth. Truffles are round, warty and irregular in shape, just like potatoes. Their size often varies from small to big.
Truffle mushrooms are a nutritious, energetic and delicious food. The highest amount of these mushrooms is consumed in restaurants, food industry, for preparation of various sauces and aromatic oils as well as pharmaceutical industries.
Some have called them “The Kitchen Diamonds”. Truffles are used in a chopped or grated form, together with eggs, to cook omelet; they may also be grilled. In all foods with mushrooms such as pizza, beans, soup, and fried mushroom, you can use truffles instead of mushrooms. They are comparable to caviar and are served only in high-quality and high-class restaurants by master chefs.

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