How Can You Find Truffles?

By January 3, 2019 No Comments

The scent produced by truffles sometimes attracts mushroom-eating animals being larger than squirrels. Truffles are harvested in Europe with the aid of truffle-detecting female pigs or dogs that are able to detect the strong smell of ripen truffles underground. The female pig becomes excited when she sniffs a chemical that is similar to the scent of the male pig sexual hormone. Training pigs is risky because of their natural tendency to eat any edible thing. For this reason, dogs have been trained to dig the ground wherever they find these odors and they willingly exchange their truffle for a piece of bread and a pat on the head. More recently, dogs are preferred as truffle hunting companion because they can be trained to find, but not eat the truffles, and are much easier to get into a car. However, it is worth noting we never use pigs or dogs because we have a Trained-Truffle-Hunting Team. In fact, our big advantage is to use a professional and trained team because collecting truffles requires training and experience.

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