What Are the Benefits of Truffles?

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Since the periods of Ancient Greeks and Romans, these types of mushrooms have being used in Europe as food, anti-depression medicine, and other drugs.

Truffles contain a variety of proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Using truffles in the spring prevents a variety of diseases such as cold, and even may affect life-span. This type of mushroom has a significant effect on reducing the blood glucose level among diabetics, and on curing eye diseases. Many consider truffles to be effective in treating the effects of aging and improving sexual desire and call it a youth elixir. Antibiotic effects of truffles against microbes and pathogens, as well as their antioxidant effects against all types of cancer and also their effects on liver protection in liver disease have been proven. The mushroom contains a large amount of ergothioneine (a strong antioxidant), which, unlike other antioxidants, is not destroyed in the cooking process. Studies show that the using two cooked and hot mushrooms per a day can eliminate infection, enhance the immune system, and treat constipation and flatulence. There is a lot of scientific information about truffle on valid sites. For example, you can visit the following website:

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