Our Abilities and the Benefits of Working with Us:

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  • Employing the trained team to collect truffles from different countries and regions;
  • Manual search and hunt for truffles instead of dogs or pigs;
  • Gaining experience more than a century in supplying and processing the medicinal plants like Truffles;
  • Gaining experience over 36 years of experience in food production and export to Europe, America, Asia, etc.;
  • The possibility of supplying about tons of different types of Truffles& Tubers annually (harvest capacity depends on climate and weather conditions);
  • Supplying, Using 100% organic and wild mushrooms;
  • The high nutritional value of mushrooms and our byproducts according to the analysis and the comments of customers;
  • The premium quality of mushrooms and products and compliances with the standards and certificates including FAD, HACCP, ISO, HALAL, etc.;
  • The absolutely competitive price of our mushrooms and products,
  • The possibility of customizing our products in such cases as taste, package, etc. according to the requirements, needs and demands of our customers.


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